Back at it 


Horoscope Leo

LEO (July 23–Aug. 22): I did a good job of raising my daughter. She turned out to be a thoughtful, intelligent adult with high integrity and interesting skills. But I’m not sure my parenting would have been as effective if I’d had more kids. I discussed this issue with Nathan, a guy I know. His six offspring are all grown up, too. “How did you do it?” I asked him. “Having just one child was a challenging job for me.” “I’ll tell you my secret,” Nathan told me. “I’m a bad father. I didn’t work very hard on raising my kids. And now they never let me forget it.” In the coming weeks and months, Leo, I recommend that you pursue my approach in your chosen field, not Nathan’s. Aim for high-quality intensity rather than scattershot quantity.

Cremation authorization

You have to sign a form saying you authorize your body to be cremated- knowing it will destroy the body. 

I have been working on the paperwork- I finalized it today. Tim, the man from the cremation society, was seriously surprised how young I was. 

It’s filed under his name and DOB.