Cremation authorization

You have to sign a form saying you authorize your body to be cremated- knowing it will destroy the body. 

I have been working on the paperwork- I finalized it today. Tim, the man from the cremation society, was seriously surprised how young I was. 

It’s filed under his name and DOB.



We went walking around Cornwall Park today. It was grey. Time feels scarce. I promised to keep an eye on the crows an the ghost tree. My father asked me what my vision for the future was, what I wanted to do with my life.

Guilt. I didn’t have an answer and I didn’t know what to say. It couldn’t tell him that this was taking up my whole life. That this is what I was trying to do well right now.

Cell Phone

He can still set his background photo on his phone. I made him change it to my face.

He wants one last trip to Mary Lyns

He made sure to tell me that his parents were amazing Ballroom dancers. That they would have cocktail parties in his basement and practice dancing. They would all go to the Eagles and dance.

This continues to be such a journey of transitions, surprises, and poignant moments.  Yesterday afternoon we were sitting at your folks’ pool having relaxing conversation and all of a sudden your dad got up, went to their room, and came back with his pill cheat sheet to show Denny what you had made for him.  It was a very sweet moment AND Denny oowed and ahhed over it with Al beaming from ear to ear.  Then he said the only thing missing from the list of meds was a picture of a martini glass and we all exclaimed “No Shit”.  – LH

My dad said he didn’t like vacation because it included a lot of “aimlessly walking around”. I find that hilarious, I feel like he always appears to be a little of a wonderer.

He told me I was a good influence, that I taught him to drink more water and be more hydrated. #soproud